As the park is to the city, so the word is to life.

We are a growing community of over 4,000 daily readers who seek to cultivate vibrant faith and sharpen cultural insight through curated devotionals and scripture readings. We invite you to start you day off with a short reflection and time in the Scriptures.

Each weekday we provide devotional reflection on daily Bible readings from the M’Cheyne Reading Plan which we modified to cover around two chapters of scripture per day. This allows our community to read through the entire Bible every two years.


Our Team

StevenDillaSteven Dilla :: Author and Managing Director

Steven is an author, pastor, and entrepreneur. He began writing for The Park Forum in 2013 and became the Managing Director in October of 2014. He and his wife Emily led a church plant in the East Village of Manhattan where they worked with a collaboration of churches to found and host the annual Refresh block party, at which thousands of copies of Scripture are distributed on the Lower East Side in partnership with the American Bible Society and The Park Forum.

Steven also writes for OnFaith and wrote on ministry burnout in Collaborate: Family + Church (Minister’s Label Press, 2010). He helped create Incredible Islands, an interactive online world for children to engage with Scripture and launched, produced, and directed Elevate Jr., an interactive video-based curriculum for children (Creative Pastors, 2007-2009). Steven attended the Redeemer Church Planting Center Incubator Program in 2013, Dallas Theological Seminary, Oklahoma Baptist University, and was a Fellow at the New York City Leadership Center. He and his wife live with their two children in Boulder, CO where he is the Managing Director of Aspen Grove a non-profit giving ministry leaders confidence, tools, and strategies to cultivate the future church.


JasonTilleyJason Tilley :: Digital Development Director

Jason is an author, producer, and pastor. He was previously the director and producer of two interactive children’s curricula: Incredible Islands and Elevate. He is currently helping The Park Forum develop active and responsive technologies to integrate Scripture, prayer, and devotionals into the rhythms of modern life. Jason received his M.A. in communication from Southwestern Theological Seminary. He lives with his wife Sharla and their daughter in Alpharetta, GA where he is the Creative Director of Aspen Grove.


John_TillmanJohn Tillman :: Community Manager

John is a writer, educator, director, and minister. He manages content and social presence for The Park Forum. John also writes children’s ministry curriculum for Orange, Incredible Islands, and Standard Publishing. He previously co-led the Writing Department for Elevate. John received his M.A. in communication from Southwestern Theological Seminary. He lives with his wife Melissa in Fort Worth, TX where he contributes thought leadership, guidance (and levity) for the Aspen Grove team.


The Park Forum was founded by Bethany Jenkins in 2006. Prior to its founding, Bethany worked at the New York Stock Exchange, at the U.S. Department of State, and on Capitol Hill for Jennifer Dunn and Joe Scarborough. Bethany received her J.D. from Columbia Law School, where she was a Stone Scholar and served as the Executive Writing and Research Editor on The Journal of Law and Social Problems. She received her M.A. from George Washington University and her B.A. from Baylor University. Bethany makes her home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.